Easy Collaborative Prioritization

After over 20 years managing engineering teams, prioritization was often a challenge. I realized it came down to several problems:

  1. To prioritize something you must estimate both its value and its cost
  2. Different people may be better suited to estimating each of these
  3. Humans suck at absolute estimates (whether it be value or cost)
  4. There aren't good tools for collaborative estimation
So I built

Give a list of the things you wish to prioritize, and you can then estimate value and cost of each separately using pairwise comparisons, rather than absolute estimates. You can also get links to share with others so that they can also estimate. You can ask them to estimate both value and cost, or ask specific people to focus on one or the other.

Mediator then uses AI to determine the absolute value and cost estimates that best fit the relative comparisons people have provided, and it orders your tasks by value per unit cost. is experimental. Please contact me with feedback or questions: LinkedIn, Twitter.

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